Why in the world would you want to be nice when you can be naughty

star wars santa vader

Fair question from Lord Vader, everyone’s favourite baddie from Star Wars.

Putting aside that this is just an ad for a (yet another) new slice of merchandising, put together by a North American retailer, Star Wars fans will enjoy this “prank” where the usual host of Santa’s Grotto is replaced by someone with arguably a more sinister background.

Despite the YouTube video still below, it is not simply a collection of kids freaking out after meeting the galaxy’s most notorious Sith Lord – just some brilliant one-liners from Santa Vader.

A full review of the new Rogue One film to follow after what is turning out to be a traditional visit to the cinema for a movie blockbuster on Christmas Eve.

After returning from travelling in 2001, the afternoon or evening before Christmas has featured the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, then the sequence of The Hobbit movies; now the kids are eager for the latest shenanigans from Disney the Dark Side vs, in their words, “the goodies”.

The Force Awakens, in 2015, was surprisingly good, given that the previous attempts at reviving the world of Jedis and Stormtroopers were average at best.

And now, in the so-called gap year between The Force Awakens and the as yet untitled episode VIII, comes Rogue One.

Reviews from many critics and friends (even those who ordinarily do not naturally gush over anything Star Wars-related) have been extremely good so far, even bordering on the “best in the collection so far!”.

It seems as if producers, screenwriters and directors have finally realised that continuing to churn out episodes of a film “brand” should actually be done with a reasonable amount of care and attention, rather than just pulling something together that will help sell lots of toys.

Good news for film-goers generally, fans and, of course, merchandisers.

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