2016 has been made into a trailer for a horror movie

You can’t move on the web at the moment for people saying 2016 was “The Worst Year Ever”.

Personal tragedies or problems can obviously lead many to conclude that the last 12 months have been crappy enough to lead to such sad proclamations.

Yet in the mainstream media, some perspective is kind of needed, such as if you compare it to 100 years ago, just as one example, in the middle of the brutal First World War.

But, let’s face it, in terms of the results of two significant votes (the American election and the Brexit referendum), plus the deaths of countless cultural icons (David Bowie, Harper Lee, George Michael, Muhammad Ali, Johann Cruyff, Prince, Leonard Cohen et al), 2016 will certainly go down as one to remember for its relentless crappiness quickly forget.

Perhaps to stop all the earnest articles in the mainstream media, or just to note how bizarre the year was, or to show off what creative and funny filmmakers they are (most likely, a combination of all three), Friend Dog Studios pulled together a parody trailer for a new horror movie titled, of course, 2016.

It includes all the clichés you would expect from the preview of a blockbuster horror movie: slick editing, dramatic soundtrack, snippets of emotional dialogue, cliffhanger moments, etc.

Highlights include the lead actress wandering through a party full of guests performing the mannequin challenge, a bleeding hand after her mobile device caught fire, and the lines:

“England just left Europe.”


“Nobody knows – they just… left.”

It’s very clever and rather funny in places.

In fact, you probably have to watch more than once in order to catch all the references to events and themes that have occurred throughout the year.

Here’s to a happier 2017…

Friend Dog Studios can perhaps illustrate it with a reboot of a joyous Disney classic.

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